With this Newsletter you're taking the first step towards your full potential! and contributing your unique footprint on Planet Earth.
You will be receiving 
practical tools, down-to-earth information & inspirational insights to transform a life of overwhelm and stress into one of clarity, alignment, authenticity & wellbeing. 

The Footprint Connection is here to assist the busy you to get out of your head and into your body. It's going to assist you to (re)connect you with your intuition, vision, purpose & power, so you can focus, energise and thrive. This ultimately allows you to contribute your unique gift to the World. 
I'm offering my skills from over 14 years of experience as Reflexology Specialist, Feet- & Body-Reader, Transformational & Holistic Empowerment Coach and workshop facilitator with a background as Naturopath & Herbalist.
Also, my complete range of comfortable, elegant clothing and Yoga Wear is on Clearance Sale at the moment, so I can put my complete energy and focus into my passion and purpose, which is healing, mentoring and teaching. 

I'm excited to share the journey to an empowered and thriving life with you! :)

xxx Sand
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